Ethical Jewelry Designer | Diseñador de Joyas Eco

"I look for simplicity and elegance in every piece I design."

Sustainable jewelry designer Lia Terni

About Lia Terni

Art and architecture are qualities used in the design, process, and creation of each Lia Terni, which through its artistic sensibility share a world with each of the pieces.

Lia was born in Brazil and comes from an Italian background. She has lived abroad in many cities which include London, Sao Paulo, and Madrid. Moving back and forth from Europe to America she has nourished various artistic qualities that are revealed in her creations.

She has degrees in Business Administration and Jewelry design, both achieved in Sao Paulo, Brazil, as well as a degree in Fashion, which she attained at the London College of Fashion.

While living in Madrid, she has revealed her artistic designs and demonstrated how her diverse background confirm that she is an original and creative sustainable jewelry designer.

Ethical Gold Jewelry

Lia Terni decided to take her involvement with jewelry design a level further as she became the first designer in Spain to work with ECO GOLD.

Recently moving to Miami, Florida she has continued this passion and evolving her work creating beautiful ethical jewelry design using recycled and eco-friendly metals. Showing us that we can make wondrous things from sustainable products.

She's an ethical jewelry designer of headpieces handmade for brides all over the world, using Eco Gold, Brass, Gunmetal, Silver and Swarovski crystal. Her sustainable fashion jewelry creations are delicate and elegant.

Our mission is to manage a holistic strategy for our company to assure that each ethical design is incredibly unique, environmentally friendly and socially responsible.


"Lo que busco en cada pieza que creo es simplicidad, delicadeza y elegancia."

Sustainable jewelry designer Lia Terni El arte y la arquitectura inspiran el proceso creativo de Lia Terni, que a través de su sensibilidad artística comparte su mundo interior en cada una de sus piezas.

Esta artista brasileña de raíces italianas ha vivido en Londres, Sao Paulo y Madrid, moviéndose entre Europa y América, donde se ha nutrido de las referencias artísticas que muestra en sus creaciones. Graduada en Administración de Empresas (PUC-SP) y en Moda (London College of Fashion), especializada en joyería en Sao Paulo y Madrid, Lia Terni refleja en la calidad de su trabajo la originalidad de los verdaderos creadores.